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Monday, June 25th, 2007
6:23 pm
Fullmetal Alchemist recs
Fullmetal chibi how I've missed you! Spoiler free until episode 26 still. I'm slowly but surely watching the rest of the series. Just six more to go.

Adoration by sakurazuka_jae (gen, oneshot, post-series)
Internal Affairs by sakurazuka_jae (oneshot)
The Sin From Which All Others Arise by sakurazuka_jae (oneshot, AU)
The Perils of Coffee by Sol 1056 (oneshot, fluffy)
Taking Responsibility by mikkeneko (shounen-ai, oneshot, RoyEd)
One Step Closer by lazulisong (oneshot, gen, barely there RoyEd)
untitled by nusuth (oneshot, shounen-ai)
One Trick Pony by vikki (oneshot)

Longer reviews under hereCollapse )
6:18 pm
Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) recs
I should have started a rec page for this series a long time ago. Now it's going to be much harder going through the backlog of fics to find the ones I know everyone should read so there might be a few FMA posts in the next couple of days.

What is FMA you ask? Fullmetal Alchemist is the story of Edward Elric and his younger brother Alphonse's search for the Philosopher's Stone. With this stone, the two will be able to successfully perform human transmutation to restore Al back to his human body after he lost it in an a human transmutation gone wrong. This series has everything: drama, action, humor, bishounen, and a good plot. The anime has already been licensed but is still being fansubbed by spoon and sonchou. The best place to get the episodes are on boxtorrents for episodes 1-26, and temporarily at supernova for torrent links to AKeep's episodes 27-31 and spoon fansubs of episodes 32-41. If you happen to be at an i2hub supported college or university, I'm on constantly, so you can leech off me at any time. The manga has not been licensed so is much easier to find. Toriyama's World has the first four volumes scanlated. More recent scans can be found at fullmetal-alchemist.com.

As you can tell from the recs, I have certain pairings that I ship more than others. I am primarily an Ed/Roy, Al/Winry girl and will occasionally rec some gen in there too. Be wary of spoilers if you haven't seen the series yet. But in this post at least they should all be safe if you've seen up to episode 25 of the anime as I have only seen up to 30 at this point.

Matchmaker by harukami (shounen-ai, one-shot)
Control by harukami (Roy/Ed, yaoi, one-shot)
The Altered States series: Albedo, Citrinitas, and Rubedo by ciceqi (WIP, yaoi, Roy/Ed)
Empress by lazulisong (gen, one-shot)
Untitled by lazulisong (gen, complete)
Change the World by lazulisong (gen, one-shot)

ExpandedCollapse )
6:16 pm
Farseer Rec: Fitz/Fool
You know what annoys the hell out of me? When authors publically announce that they don't want fanwork created about their series. Then fans who would otherwise write amazing fanfiction feel obligated not to or go so far underground that other fans can't find it. I don't even mind that Robin Hobbs feels that way, the situation just annoys me. There should be a Fitz/Fool fandom! Raarr.

Well, anyways, Abaddon, nothingbutfic wrote a brilliant Fitz/Fool interlude, the promise of happiness set in Fool's Fate that really gets both of the characters down pat. The dialog is also great, getting the writing to match very well with Hobb's.

Sidenote: Wohoo! I have members for hikago_djs! Now all I have to do is type up those guidelines I wanted.
6:05 pm
Finding Nemo recs (fishy!sex)
Okay, this is where everyone is allowed to go eew, and wonder why I'm reading, let alone recommending some of the things that I do. Yep, this is where I unveil the Finding Nemo slash! If you were a member of the HP fandom in 2003, you probably already heard about these two fic by cimorene and Amanunensis, but if not, please give the idea a chance before you go running for the hills.

An Interlude On Mount Wannahockaloogie by amanuensis1 (oneshot, Nemo/Gill) Nemo and Gill have a chat after Nemo fails to lodge the pebble into the filter on the first try. Told from Nemo's point of view, I really like how amanuensis1 gets into Nemo's head and shares with us hus frustration and his fear about his upcoming gifting to the Dentist's niece. For Nemo, his failure is both a death sentence and a reaffirmation of his handicap. He goes to Gill for comfort. Wonderful writing, the author rerally has her Disney characters down, and I loved Gill's conflict.

what it feels like by cimness (oneshot, slash for underage!fish sex) Inspired by An Interlude On Mount Wannahockaloogie, this fic takes place post-movie. Gill and company have finally gotten out of the tank and have caught up with Nemo and his family at the Reef. My favorite of the two, cimorene does a great job with the storytelling, conveying how Nemo has changed from the fish he used to be brilliantly. cimorene also does what very few authors can do well, conveyed fish!sex. It doesn't even squick me that much, it's more cute than anything sorid. Another definite recommendation.

WiP Update
Grey part 22 by treneka (HnG, beware the het!Hikaru and Touya *gasp*)
Waking Up 8/9 by savoytruffle (BtVS, X/S)
Morning, part 3 of the wonder!verse by savoytruffle (BtVS, X/S)
Hold Me. Thrill Me. Kiss Me. Kill Me. 21/? by amejisuto (BtVS, X/S)
Brothers. Part 2, chapter 3 by kalikamaxwell (FMA, post-series, EdxHeiderich)
Lullaby 4 by herohunter (SV, clex, futurefic)
The Obligatory 'Draco is a Veela' story part 4 by mahaliem (HP, Draco-centric, comedy) friends-locked
Moving Forward part 9 and Moving Forward part 10 & epilogue by trinityhelix (PoT, InuixKai, InuixYanagi) complete! Now you have no excuse
myDec 06 scrap by lazulisong (DNAngel, incomplete)
4:08 pm
Final Fantasy VII recs
Conflicts of Interest by Madamhydra (shounen-ai, WIP, post-game)
The Conscience of the King by D and Sailor Solathei (yaoi, WIP, pre-game)
Chi to Ase to Namida by Akuma no Tsubasa (complete, multi-part, pre-game, yaoi)
Fusion by Knowing Shadows (WIP, shounen ai, future-fic)

Read more...Collapse )

And I have to learn how to quote one or two lines and not whole paragraphs. *sigh*
3:46 pm
Final Fantasy IX
Feather Flight by Lunar

Sometimes villians aren't villians, sometimes endings aren't endings, sometimes redemption is just one wish away... if you have the determination to make it happen. An Alternate Universe, Kuja Continuation fic, spoilers abound, language, shonen-ai. (in progress...)

Lunar does a nice job creating a whole new world for Kuja to play in when he is literally dropped from the sky. All the OCs are a great supporting cast and the thing I love most is the history and scope of the whole world she created. From, the capital city to the enemies invading, everything is so very detailed and fleshed out to become its own little reality. A definite read if you have a soft spot for Kuja.
3:30 pm
Death Note recs
Sigh. My recs are getting slowly, but surely up to date.

April 2005 Word A Day Drabbles: Death Note [Light, L] by kleos_fic (oneshot, Light, L, crack) Light's plan to kill L backfires. Funny stuff. The author has so many funny one liners and just out there situations. A must read.

Legalism by sub_divided (oneshot, Light) Aizawa and Matsuda ask Light about his opinion on a jury system. It's smart and intelligent and what I love about this fic is that sub_divided can illustrate beautifully Light's blind spots about himself.

deathnote100 Read all the drabbles at the community. They're great and thought provoking.
Mythology for the mythology challenge by firedraygon97
Childhood for the childhood challenge by firedraygon97
The Seer of Truth for the mythology challenge by shukuun
Their Favourite Pastime for the favorites challenge by okobi
Picking Favorites for the favorites challenge by tomato

Art Recs
Koyar's Death Note Fancomics by koyar originally recced by aelice Hilarious stuff with nice artwork.
summer by impishimp cute piece with a half naked L.
Death Note art dump by hooli Multiple sketches. Lovely stuff.
Death Note X South Park: UPDATED by cooked_sashimi Death Note sprites, South Park style. So cute.

Sorry about the long post, and the next one will have the wip updates.
3:10 pm
Death Note *bleh* *dead*
A Death Note themed rec in honor of go_devil_dante's spoiler animation. Back at school and not bombarded by midterms, so expect a bunch of updates for however long I feel guilty for not being productive. ^_^

Have Some Cake With Your Sex: by memlu (oneshot, humor, RaitoxL)
Raito Birthday fic: Best Present He's Got Yet by mousapelli (oneshot, humor, yaoi, RaitoxL)
Longer reviews under hereCollapse )

And because I don't want to spoil the drabbles (read lazy), here are my deathnote100 recs:
Photophobia by aishuu (Phobias challenge)
Imitable Acts by officialbizness (non-challenge entry)
Ask Ms. manners by officialbizness (Childhood challenge)
Princess by stolenkisses_ (Childhood challenge)
Little Drops of Blood by memlu (Childhood challenge)
Dust to Dust by lynnbartlett (Now What? challenge) spoilers!

Pics and Animations:
spoiler animation by go_devil_dante
L and Raitoz romantic nite by go_devil_dante and monkeyjay. omg, so wrong, but you need to check it out, if you haven't already
Black Wings by scarecrowe

Drabbles: Challenge #1-12 compiled by satora_chan
Drabbles: Challenge #13-24 compiled by satora_chan
Fanfiction on death_note compiled by satora_chan woot!

WiP Update:
My December 5 by lazulisong (DNAngel) Part of it anyways
Finding Sai 6/? by issen4 (HnG)
sic transit gloria mundi Letter 9 by nothingbutfic and decerto (HP)
Endless Moments 4 by maboroshi_hime (FMA/HP)

Random Meme I ganked off of sockren:
Screen-Capture MemeCollapse )
1:55 pm
Death Note recs, the second
Might as well spam while I have the time. Spoiler free up to chapter 58.

Headline: Kira 'Psychic Killer' Denied Bail by sub_divided (drabble, gen, Light)
Starlight by sub_divided (oneshot, AU, LightxL)
Thanatophobia by fiendery (oneshot, gen, L)
Housecleaning by aishuu (drabble)
Sins of the Father by aishuu (drabble, AU)
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry by aishuu (drabble, gen, Raito, L, crack)
Something Wicked This Way Comes prologue to chapter 6 and chapter 7 by aishuu (series, WiP, AU, eventual LxLight)
Office Politics by rageprufrock (oneshot, LxRaito, crack)
Remorse by Trismegistus lebateleur (oneshot, AU, gen)
Longer reviews under hereCollapse )

WiP Update
President of the Warrior Angel Fan Club part 6 by mobiusklein (SV)
Endless Moments chapter 3, sequel to Mr.Elric by maboroshi_hime (FMA/HP)
1:27 pm
Death Note reccage (no spoilers, so there!)
Death Note recs. No spoilers past the Yotsuba arc (early 50s) and definitely none for the infamous chapter 58. *shakes fist at all the spoilers I couldn't avoid in the past weeks* On the Light/Raito issue, in official fic I call him Light, in discussion i.e. recs, he's Raito. Deal.

becoming by darkeyedwolf (oneshot, LxRaito)
just that and paper cranes by darkeyedwolf (oneshot, LxRaito)
Pie! Pie! Pie! by darkeyedwolf (oneshot, crack)
Two DN ficlets: encounters & nuances by keraha (ficlets, completed, LxRaito)
Unraveling by keraha (oneshot, ge, L, Raito)
Watching Raito by keraha (oneshot, gen, Ryuuku, Raito)
Believe by tdei (oneshot, gen, AU, Raito)
Anniversary by jaebi_lit (oneshot, futurefic)
Reasoning by tarigwaemir (oneshot, gen, Raito, L)
Longer reviews under hereCollapse )

Fanart reccage:
MisaMisa by aki-akiko Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

WiP Update
Inertia 2/? by rageprufrock (HnG)
Bandages 7 by ladyofshallnot (FFVII/FVIII)
For Better or Worse parts 4 & 5 by mahaliem (SV) complete
Pretty When you're Mine 18/? by seperis (SV)
Safe Words Coda: Conium Immaculatum by cruisedirector (HP)
_gloriamundi_ Letters 7 & 8 by Abaddon _furorbelli_ and decerto (HP)

Pimp out to try_this_fic an anime verison of crack_van. Go laugh at my horrible X Overview and join up to do your own recommendations for a month. You know you want to...

Note to self, I need some pimp!icons...
12:40 pm
Death Note recs
Drawn by the same artist who illustrated the Hikaru no Go Manga, Obata Takeshi. Summary ganked from beckymarie over at dolphinsex, which is where I first heard about Death Note.

Ryuuku is a shinigami, bored and rotting away in the shinigami world. (Note: He's not your bishounen sort of shinigami, like in Yami no Matsuei. He looks very much like a monster, which makes his curious, almost laid-back attitude even more intriguing.) He leaves his Death Note (the book used to write down someone's name to kill them) in the human world... and it's found by Yagami Raito. Normally, if someone found such a book (along with instructions on how to use it), when they found it's true nature and that it was real... they would never go near it, too afraid. But Raito almost casually begins to kill the criminal element in the world, believing himself to be making the world a better place. The police aren't staying idle, of course, bringing in an eccentric crime solver (who's name and face are never known to anyone, he merely goes by the name "L"), whose genius matches Raito's own. It then becomes a game of cat and mouse where there is no clear cat or mouse.

Death Note is being scanlated by OrangeTangerine and chapters 1-17 are up for download and chapter 18&19 can be downloaded off their mIRC channel.

a drabble and Taken In by vikki (one-shots, possible Raito/L)
Impossible To Ignore by tatooine (one-shot, possible Raito/L)

Read more...Collapse )

And go visit beckymarie's rec journal at tomomichi! The place where I go to stalk first.
12:33 pm
DNAngel recs
Okay, I lied. More anime recs, because I have a bazillion of them, and I'm sure the anime readers on my flist don't want me to recommend Picard/Q, because that's what I was thinking of doing for today.

SatDai 30 Kisses - 30 Drabbles by lazulisong (series of drabbles, complete)
satoshiPod coverlet thingit by calintz (fanart, gen, Satoshi)
Inconcise scanlation of Volume 09 by maboroshi_hime (scans/summary)
Longer reviews under hereCollapse )

Fanfic/Fanart Links
Verisimilitude: IX by Uneasy Moon, shuki_ai, and sockren (FMA)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Iron & Flame game by Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) actually quite fun to play
Sora x Sunao - 03 jolt for 30_kisses by oyamadayoh (fanart, Sukisho)
Lady, That Tramp, The First by arielleira (SV, Clex)

Everyone should also check out try_this_fic and sign up to rec for April or May, since crack_van is on hiatus. Look out for my Spirited Away overview and recs in the next day or so.
12:25 pm
D. N. Angel
D.N. Angel is the story of Daisuke Niwa, only son of the Niwa family, who on his fourteenth birthday has his family curse activated. Every time Daisuke sees the girl he likes, Risa, he transforms into the infamous thief Dark Mousy. To turn back, Dark must likewise see Risa, until Daisuke finally captures her heart. The problem: Dark turns back into Daisuke whenever he sees Riku, Risa's twin sister. To add another kink in the relationships, Satoshi Hiwatari is out to capture Dark.

The gay: The Hiwatari and Niwa clans have been opposed to each other since Dark came into being, three hundred years ago. It is therefore Satoshi's job to stalk investigate Daisuke in order to capture him in the act. The series gets even more chock full of shounen-ai later in the series when further aspects of the Hiwatari clan are revealed.

The D.N. Angel manga is currently being released by Tokyopop and the anime by ADV.

Cut for Green Eyes' mad scanlation linkageCollapse )

My December part 1 and My December part 2 by lazulisong (WiP, series, Satoshi/Daisuke)

Longer review under hereCollapse )

Gomen nasai, I don't feel like finding some more DN Angel recs at the moment, but I encourage everyone to read the rest of lazulisong's fanfics at Borrowed Dreaming
12:20 pm
Yu Yu Hakusho (otherwise known as Kurama/Hiei *rabu rabu*)
Why no, this fandom themed journal entry is not being written for the sole purpose of telling everyone that aishuu has updated Brightly Burning. That's preposterous.

Gibberings about YYHCollapse )

When it Rains by Amis Lee (oneshot, Kurama, Shiori, Hiei, gen)
Yakusoku by fyredancer (oneshot, shounen-ai, Kurama/Hiei)
PRETTY WO, er, man?... PRETTY YOUKO! by fyredancer (oneshot, Kurama/Hiei, humor)
Togetachi no Bara (Thorns of a Rose) by ukefied (oneshot, shounen-ai, Kurama/Hiei, angst)
Silvaren's YYH fanfics by silvaren (complete, yaoi, Kurama/Hiei)
The Beginning by tallihensia (series, complete, yaoi, Kurama/Hiei)

Tomodachi by White Cat (YYH/FY, series, incomplete, shounen-ai)

Longer reviews under hereCollapse )

WIP Updates:
Brightly Burning chapter 5 by aishuu (HnG)
Something Wicked This Way Comes 2/30 by aishuu (Death Note)
Pretty When You're Mine 17/? by seperis (Smallville)

(Why no, this is not a fake lj-cut to my fanfic, "A Hundred, Thousand" over at igo_yaoi. Whatever gave you that idea?)
12:13 pm
YYH/Harry Potter rec
The Best Defense by JoIsBishMyoga (x-over, ETA completed) The best out of all of Harry Potter and Yuu Yuu Hakusho crossovers on fanfiction.net. What makes me like this fanfic more than the others is three fold. (1)It actually takes into account the fact that the Urameshi team consists of four people, Yuusuke, Hiei, Kurama, and KUWABARA, not just the first three or just Kurama. They're a team, and the team dynamics work well in this fic. (2)The setup is believable. (3)The interaction between the YYH world and the HP world is really well done.

Edited to add: Ack, I forgot my weekly mini-rant. As for all works in progress, please leave feedback to the authors on what you think about their fics. They want to know how their readers see their writing, so please feed them and maybe they'll write more. ^_^ Ditto with completed works.
Sunday, June 24th, 2007
11:52 pm
Foxtrot, Calvin and Hobbes, what is wrong with me?!
Ok, these are a little out there in the reading material, but I really enjoy both comics. I'm all ready for slash anywhere, so maybe you'll give these a whirl too.

Good-bye, Eileen and its sequel Fox-Appropriate by Matthew Haldeman-Time (complete, slash, Jason/Marcus) Andy, Jason's mother is worried about Jason having never had a girlfriend and tries to steer him in the direction of his only female friend, Eileen. Things don't turn out how Andy would have liked and Jason realizes that he rather date his best-friend Marcus. One of the reasons that I love Foxtrot, is that Jason is such a nerd, but he revels in it. Here, the author gives us something unique, a logical conclusion to what someone as demented and out there as Jason would do when confronted by societal norms to get a girlfriend. The only person who could put up with Jason is someone just as odd, and Marcus is so cute in the role. While fannish in parts, this is also a fun read.

Geniuses and Geniuses drabbles by maderr (crossover, complete, Calvin&Hobbes/Foxtrot, Jason/Calvin) Jason and Calvin meet in University when some football players are bullying Calvin. While I initially read this for Jason, I have to say that Calvin stole my heart. He's such a great character when maderr writes him. He's artistic and sensitive to what the outside world is like, more jaded than you see in the comics. Jason on the other hand is a grown up version of himself, a computer nerd, but somone who can appreciate the fantastic that surrounds Calvin. I really liked this story and the snippets of them in the drabbles.
11:35 pm
CLAMP recs, yet again...
I'm sorry everyone, but I'm currently at home and away from my computer with all my links, so some more CLAMP recommendations only. Partly in response to vamp_pandorina who reminded me that I signed up for try_this_fic and partly because these were the easiest links to find, here are your recs.

Magician by Natalie Baan velvetpaws (X/CCD, multi-part, complete, gen)
Broken Worlds by Natalie Baan velvetpaws and Kristin Huntsman (X/TB, multi-part, complete, gen, ambiguous shounen-ai)
Inner Strength by Monica Shin (TB/X crossover w/ Highlander, gen, slight SxS, complete)

Longer reviews under hereCollapse )

WiP Update
The Veela Enigam chapter 26 by jennavere (HP) woot! At it's new home at skyhawke.com
Constellation 2:10 by rose_emily (SV) friends-locked
President of the Warrior Angel Fan Club by mobiusklein (SV) complete
Moving Forward part 7 by trinityhelix (PoT, InuiKai)
New Hikago fics by issen4 Goban and Teaching Go
11:16 pm
CLAMP recs for all!
Some more CLAMP recs to help me out with my month at try_this_fic. Go check it out!

CLAMP Campus Detectives - Fluff! by Krisitn Huntsman (oneshot, humor)
Sweets and Liquors by Monica Shin (CCD/X, oneshot, shounen-ai, slight NokoruxSubaru)
Four drabbles for the x_100 Love challenge by littledust (drabbles, X)
Immortal, Life, Peace, and Hope by link621 (drabbles, X)
somebody loves you and take a picture-- it'll last longer by link621 (drabbles, X)
Caught Off Guard by luminaire (X, oneshot, shounen-ai, SxS)
The Language of Fans by aishuu (CCD/X, oneshot, gen)
The Sakuranikomori by Evil Asian Genius eag (TB/X, oneshot, humor)
Longer reviews under hereCollapse )

WiP Update
Visiting Hours 5/? by rageprufrock (SV)
Constellation 2:9 by rose_emily (SV) friends-locked
Moving Forward part 5 by trinityhelix (PoT, InuiKai)
Contemplations: Brightly Burning cookie (post chapter 5) by lady_addiction (HnG)

And why yes, that is slut!Kanoe in my icon. Isn't she beautiful?
10:36 pm
X overview and recs
X or X/1999 is a series produced by the manga group CLAMP that incorporates characters from Tokyo Babylon and Clamp Campus Detectives. The main character, Kamui, is charged with deciding the fate of the world by becoming a Dragon of Earth and destroying the kekkai that hold the world together or a Dragon of Heaven and protecting them. Whichever side he chooses, his opposing star will join the opposite side for a final showdown on the fated day in 1999.

The gay, you ask? This is CLAMP people, their ambiguous male parings are practically cannon and have almost as much, if not more in some cases, clout as the straight pairings floating around. The recommendations here will focus mostly on Seishirou/Subaru as they are my hardcore OTP in the fandom with the occasional Fuuma/Kamui, Nokoru/Suoh, or Arashi/Sorata thrown in the mix in the future.

A little more info, definite spoilers under hereCollapse )

Two Minute Tokyo Babylon by rayemars (TB, oneshot, crack)

Once Upon a Time in Tokyo... by pengiesama (TB, oneshot, humor)


Russian Roulette by insaneidiot (X, oneshot, crackish) author recced by tomomichi

The Stalker You Know by insaneidiot (X, oneshot, humor)

Sorata's Big Gay Adventure by insaneidiot (X, oneshot, crack)

Happy Families by insaneidiot (X, oneshot, crack)

Whoops by Rackham Rose (X, oneshot)

Fluffy recs this time around, I'll get around to the angst next time.

Longer reviews and spoiler filled goodies hereinCollapse )

Fanart Rec:
Red & Black by kigami (TB/FMA, fanart, crack) and more of his/her fanart can be found at Tree Spirit.

WIP Update:

President of the Warrior Angel Fan Club part 5 by mobiusklein (SV)

Letter Six by _furorbelli_ aka Abbadon and decerto (HP)

Case Note IX: Blue Note by v_voltaire (DN)

Grey part 17 by treneka (HnG)

Moving Forward 1/? by trinityhelix (PoT)

Also a big shout out to fencer_x for letting me use his/her DN Angel icons>

A link to my fanfic, Oracle over at deathnote100, because I am a glutton for punishment.

10:07 pm
Reccomendation Dump
I'm trying to get the back log of recommendations I have over the winter break out. So, instead of the longer reviews I usually do for fanfic recs, these are going to have to be short and sweet, most likely just author summaries or pairings.

Two Truths and a Lie by Rackham Rose (X/1999, SXS) Author's notes: Done for the CLAMPesque "1,999 words" challenge (without author's note, the fic is exactly that long, in my word processor). Dark. I read this last year and it's still as intense for having been read again.
A Simple Christmas Gift by Jennifer S. (Teen Titans) The Teen Titans are doing Secret Santa, and Kon has to think of a gift for Tim.
Caldwell Stories by wildmachinery (Ocean's 11, Rusty/Linus) Written for the Yultide 2004 Challenge.
Life's Aftermath and After All by sabershadowkat (Smallville) Life goes on, even in the aftermath. Rated PG-13. Spoilers for Covenant. Found after she/he did a reposting of all her/his Smallville fics at SSA.
Vices by mahaliem (Smallville) Lex is thwarted in trying to have a smoke.
Homemade by kasugai_gummie (PoT, FujiRyo) Gift Fic: "You crack the egg Ryoma. Crack it. Crack... or smash it. Right, so while you're picking out those egg shell pieces, I'll mix your dry ingredients for you, okay?"
Physical Changes by tenshi_no_korin (FMA) One shot, self-indulgent and extensively chemically metaphored answer to Joy's innocent question "Does Ed Wank?"
Fire With Fire by cruisedirector (HP, SS/RL) Remus can tell when the Dark Mark is hurting Severus...he feels the same way before moonrise.
Ignorance Is by Vi (Smallville) NC-17 -- Clark and Lex of the future. Love doesn't mean bliss.
The List by jabez_fics (HP, SS/RL) Packs a punch and so very well written. Details Severus and his role in the Order.
For Us to Miss or Seek by ze_dragon (HP, Ron/Draco) Ron and Draco learn that there is more to life than being a Scrooge. Written for Merry Smutmas Secret Santa.
by these truths by nothingbutfic (HP, H/D) Draco Malfoy has always wanted to be remembered. READ


On a side note, I found this link to get a 2 week paid account reimbursement for the lj blackout from cruisedirector's livejournal.
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